Behringer MonoPoly: A Compact and Faithful Recreation of the Korg Classic

The Behringer MonoPoly is a recreation of the Korg Mono/Poly, known for its unique features as a monosynth. This modern version retains much of the original’s appeal, including its four oscillators, oscillator sync, cross-modulation, and good interfacing. It’s smaller than the original, with a reduction in keyboard size and a more compact panel. The synth initially exhibited a duller sound compared to the original due to lower maximum filter cutoff frequencies, but this was rectified with a simple adjustment of the trimmers.

Despite its smaller size and some design quirks, like a sprung Bend wheel, the Behringer MonoPoly impresses with its sound quality, closely mimicking the original. It offers MIDI functionality via 5-pin DIN and USB, but connecting via USB may generate noise. The synth is priced reasonably, making it an attractive option for those seeking the Mono/Poly experience without the high cost of an original unit.

Overall, the Behringer MonoPoly is a fine monosynth for leads, bass, effects, and more, offering a sound almost identical to the original once properly adjusted​


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